Excellent products and customer service, Thanks

Michael Parle
The Lost Valley Dairy, Ireland

We struggled with quality from our other silicone suppliers before we started doing business with Silclear. We had many instances of premature tearing and collapsing. Since Silclear became our exclusive silicone tubing supplier, we hear no complaints. Our quality and performance now competes directly with the best OEM silicone tubing in the US market at a much lower cost.

Conewango Products Corp
Conewango Products Corp, USA

Dairy Spares Ltd have a long-established relationship with Silclear, we are consistently pleased with the quality of their products.

Dairy Spares
Dairy Spares, Shropshire, UK

Silclear products are fantastic. Great customer service and great price’s. Would highly recommend.

Andrew Hooper
Hoops Electrical Services, Devon, UK

Since I started to use Silclear liners in my parlour, I have never looked back, from both a financial and hygienic point of view.

James Voysey
Dairy Farmer, Axminster, UK

I have been using Silclear liners and shells for over 10 years now, and have found them to be really good on the teat ends – the light weight and the way they milk out have given us no teat end damage. I can not see any advantage to going back to using older style heavy clusters. I also like the fact that the Silclear liners and shells are both clear, so I can see how my cows are milking. I can spot any problems straight away, and can get things resolved before they escalate into anything major.

Mike Ellis
Dairy Farmer, Petersfield, UK