Silicone Solutions in Agriculture

Silicone is an ideal material for dairy tubing, which is often exposed to the elements and subjected to harsh treatment in the milking parlour. Silclear offer silicone products that are flexible, durable with hygienic properties. Our products are proven to withstand extreme temperatures and resistance to weathering.

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Hygienic, flexible & Strong


Silclear silicone does not crack, erode or perish, or become porous, and does not support bacterial growth. Silclear silicone is a totally different material to conventional rubber. It is not degraded by light, air, dairy cleaning chemicals or milk-stone remover. Silclear silicone meets all EC and international hygiene standards. The smooth internal and external surfaces are easy to clean and sterilise, helping to improve your Bactoscans.


Silclear silicone is flexible, easy to install and does not become stiff or brittle like conventional rubber, even below freezing to -70°C! It is not deteriorated by UV light, ozone or temperatures up to 170°C.


Silclear silicone is specially formulated to achieve the optimum combination of material properties for life in a dairy parlour. We use our 35 years of experience to formulate our silicone with the optimum balance of tensile strength, hardness, elongation and tear strength for the particular application. This means you can be confident that Silclear silicone will last at least 4 times as long as conventional rubber.

High Quality Product
Longer Life
Excellent Hygiene Levels
Highly Flexible
Excellent Durability

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