Silicone Solutions For Dairy Farming

At Silclear we have developed a range of high-performance silicone products specifically for use within the dairy industry. Silicone is revolutionising dairy parlours, rotary, and robotic milking around the world and at Silclear we are spearheading this change for the better.

Silclear offers the largest choice of silicone fittings for all types and sizes of milking parlour. The fittings are extremely hardwearing, and are designed to minimise ‘bug’ traps, and maximise the flow characteristics of the milking plant.

During our 35 years’ experience we have optimized our range of silicone tubing to get the best performance on a dairy farm – the right balance between tear strength, tensile strength, elongation and shore hardness and we are continually refining this. Our tubing is also available in a wide range of colours.

SILCLEAR SILICONE LINERS will reduce your liner costs, increase both the productivity and longevity of your herd, and therefore improve the profitability of your dairy farm.

Unique Silclear patented drawing down action;

  1. Silclear liners do not ‘creep’ up the teat so they do not
    cause damage to the delicate secretory tissue at the base
    of the udder.
  2. Teats are not subjected to trauma or bruising; the soft supple
    silicone means all sizes of teat can be accommodated and
    milked efficiently and effectively.
  3. Tapered pre-collapsed section which closes gently to massage
    the teat instead of aggressively squeezing it like other liners.
  4. You can see through them. This gives dairy farmers greater control
    in their milking parlours; allowing them to see, identify and treat any
    issues quickly.

This enables farms dairy operatives to:
Check cows are milking properly
Spot any clotting or blood in each of the four quarters
Accurately diagnose and treat any issues quickly

Silclear products are lighter, brighter, cleaner and better all-round for the cows, the industry and your business.

Silicone doesn’t crack, perish or erode over time. A smooth material even under a microscope, silicone tubing, fittings and liners are easy to clean, resilient to the chemical cleaners used in dairies and does not degrade when exposed to UV light or extremes in temperature.

Silicone is favoured by vets and dairy inspectors as it makes their work easier, Silclear’s innovative silicone solutions are the dairy industry’s best friend.

Silclear Milking Liners

Milk Tube


Why Silclear Liners are better?

The benefits of using Silclear silicone, liners and clear shells are quite literally easy to see…

Liners That Last 10,000 Milkings

Replace each liner after 10,000 milkings instead of every 2,500 as necessary for rubber ones; reduce the money you spend on liners by 50% and the time you spend replacing them by 75%.

Unique Soft Massaging For Improved Teat Conditions

Liners are soft and produce a unique Silclear patented “drawing down” motion, a gentle massaging milking action instead of the aggressive teat squeezing action of conventional liners. This means less teat end damage, less mastitis, improved cell counts and more valuable milk.

Lightweight & Extremely Tough Polycarbonate Shells

Less teat and udder (bag) damage, more comfortable cows, less fidgeting in the parlour, more milk in the tank and less time spent milking; lighter clusters mean better working conditions for the dairyman – less risk of RSI.

Clear Transparent Liners Allow For Detailed Visibility

Clear liners and shells – you can see what’s happening where and when it matters. Clear visibility means you can see whether cows are milking properly, you can see any clotting or blood in each of the four quarters, allowing earlier and more accurate diagnosis and resolution of issues.

Improved Bactoscans

Silicone – medical grade silicone material specifically developed by Silclear for the dairy industry over the last 25 years, easy to keep clean, does not perish or crack like rubber, tough and long-lasting; nothing in the silicone material to cause sores or lesions to the cows’ delicate teat skin tissue; reduced risk of harbouring bugs and bacteria within the milk plant, so improved Bactoscans.

Lasts Up To 4x Longer Than Rubber

If you would like to find out how Silclear can revolutionise your dairy or to try sample products in your milking parlour, then contact us or give us a call on 01425 610700