Pharma & Medical

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Silicones are widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, across a wide range of applications:

  • Peristaltic pump tubing
  • Fluid transfer tubing
  • Vial filling tubes
  • High pressure reinforced hoses
  • Gaskets, and seals.

The durability and flexibility added to the hygienic qualities of silicone tubing make our products an ideal solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

Medical and Peristaltic tubing

Medical Use

At Silclear we can manufacture a range of high-performance silicone tubing and silicone peristaltic tubing for various medical applications.

Our silicone products are made to the highest standards and according to disciplined in-house processing procedures. Renowned for its unique hygienic properties silicone plays a crucial role in modern medicine satisfying the highest quality standards demanded by health care professionals, patients, and families,


Meets European Pharmacopea 7.1.9 Hygiene standards
Bespoke facility available
Trusted across the globe

We stock off the shelf tubing to supply direct, but if you have a process that involves original equipment then look no further. We produce silicone products for OEMs in the Medical industry and can tailor our silicone formulations to meet your exacting needs.

Improve efficiency and safety

Enquire about Pharmaceutical and  Medical use Silicone products

If you require silicone products or a silicone solution for pharmaceutical or medical use, then we will be happy to help. To discuss your requirements, you can call us on +44 (0)1425 610700 or use our contact page on this website.