Silicone Solutions In The Industrial Sector

Silicone elastomers play an ever-increasing role in the industrial sector. This is because silicone is such a durable material. It can seal against the harshest of weather, is resistant to extreme working temperatures and practically unaffected by UV light. The strength, resilience and flexibility of silicone is why these products are used so often in the industries below.

Building and construction (electrical insulation, window & door seals)
Automotive (silicone reinforced hoses) (silicone paint line tubing)
Plumbing & Heating (tubing and gaskets for boilers)
Aerospace (Seals & Gaskets, Thermal insulation)

Building & construction

Electrical insulation, window & door seals


Silicone reinforced hoses, silicone paint line tubing

Plumbing & Heating

Tubing and gaskets for boilers


Seals & Gaskets, Thermal insulation

Silicone Gaskets & Seals

High Quality Product
Lasts Up To 4x Longer Than Rubber
Water & Chemical Resistance
Vibration & Sound Dampening
High Temperature Resistance
Lightweight, Tough & Hard-wearing
UV & Corrosion Resistance
Perfect For Gaskets & Seals

Improve performance and quality

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