Available Accessories Include:

Bung & End Caps / Butterfly valves / Dairy Cluster Rings / Diaphragms, Washers & valves / Jar Tees / Polysulphone Reducers / Pulsation Y Tube / Sleeving

Bung & End Caps:

SKU Description
NB40 Plastic bung to fit 40mm

Butterfly Valves:

SKU Description
F1 32mm Butterfly valve
F2 40mm Butterfly valve
F1X Spare butterfly hamdle assembly for F1
F2X Spare butterfly handle assembly for F2

Dairy Cluster Assembly Rings:

SKU Description
A1 Dairy cluster assembly rings – 10 pack
AA1 Dairy cluster assembly rings – 100 pack

Diaphragms, Washers & valves:

SKU Description
A8 White diaphragm – fits pulse & reverse relays (Fullwood equiv 45208. Also fits Boumatic Jar ACRs reverse relay)
A81 White Servac regulator diaphragm 130mm diameter (Fullwood equiv 45208)
A9 White master relay gasket (Fullwood equiv 43382)
A10 White pulsation washer (Fullwood equiv 42237)
A11 Clear pulsation diaphragm (Fullwood equiv 43414)
A12 White pulsation washer (Alfa equiv 965827-01)
A14 Milk pump non-return valve (Alfa equiv 99007089-80)
A15 Milk pump non-return valve (Fullwood equiv 323520)
A16 Clear pulsation diphragm (Alfa equiv 95868901)
A17 Transfer diaphragm without hole (Fullwood equiv 323520)
A17A Transfer diaphragm with hole (Fullwood equiv 32337)

Jar Tees:

SKU Description
T3 32mm Jar Bottom tee – body only
T11 40mm Jar Bottom Tee – polysulphone nipple for 22mm, 19.5mm tap
A75 Tap for 40mm Jar Bottom Tee

Pulstion Y Tube:

SKU Description
TY Pulsation Y tube compatible with 7mm, 8mm & 9mm pulse systems


SKU Description
SS14 Sleeving for 14mm ID milk tube (generally used at the claw end)
SS16 Sleeving for 16mm milk tube (generally used at the claw end)

Tank Lid Seals:

SKU Description
TLS Tank lid seal (tube outside diameter 21mm)
TLS(29) Tank lid seal (tube outside diameter 29mm)

NOTE: Our ranges are not limited to these variations and in most cases, we can provide bespoke versions to suit your needs.

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