Silicone Liners

Silicone liners are becoming more and more popular these days, owing to it’s long life and superior material properties. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

The Benefits

Liners That Last 10,000 Milkings

Replace each liner after 10,000 milkings instead of every 2,500 as necessary for rubber ones; reduce the money you spend on liners by 50% and the time you spend replacing them by 75%.

See every detail during milking

Clear liners and shells – you can see what’s happening where and when it matters. Clear visibility means you can see whether cows are milking properly, you can see any clotting or blood in each of the four quarters, allowing earlier and more accurate diagnosis and resolution of issues.

Improved Teat Conditions

Unique Silclear patented “drawing down” gentle massaging milking action instead of the aggressive teat squeezing action of conventional liners. This means less teat end damage, less mastitis, improved cell counts and more valuable milk.

Lightweight & Extremely Tough Polycarbonate Shells

Less teat and udder (bag) damage, more comfortable cows, less fidgeting in the parlour, more milk in the tank and less time spent milking; lighter clusters mean better working conditions for the dairyman – less risk of RSI.

Improved Bactoscans

Silicone – medical grade silicone material specifically developed by Silclear for the dairy industry over the last 25 years, easy to keep clean, does not perish or crack like rubber, tough and long-lasting; nothing in the silicone material to cause sores or lesions to the cows’ delicate teat skin tissue; reduced risk of harbouring bugs and bacteria within the milk plant, so improved Bactoscans.