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Almost time to launch our new recycled silicone rubber compound

Silclear are getting ready to launch its latest innovation, our new recycled silicone rubber compound Re-Sil. This groundbreaking material is a key moment in Silclear’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

To the best of our knowledge, Re-Sil is the world’s first food-grade compliant material made using recycled silicone rubber.  For every 1kg of Re-Sil you use, you could off-set 1.3kg of CO2 emissions*. Silclear’s commitment to excellence has given rise to not only eradicate waste but also redefine the landscape of eco-friendly manufacturing.

Due to silicone’s long life, silicone is already more environmentally friendly than most other polymers and single use plastics, but the need for even more sustainable materials is a big part of the modern world, so Silclear embarked on a mission to challenge the economic feasibility of silicone recycling and triumphed with the creation of a food-grade recycled silicone rubber compound.

Key Benefits (Coming Soon)

  • Reduce waste to Landfill: Silclear’s commitment ensures that none of its waste/scrap silicone ends up in landfill contributing to a more sustainable future.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions: For every 1kg of Re-Sil you use, you will off-set approximately 1.3kg of CO2 emissions*.
  • Performance: The Re-Sil compound aims to achieve a similar performance to ordinary silicone compounds.
  • Government Grant Incentives: End users can anticipate benefiting from government grant incentives for choosing eco-friendly options.
  • Food Grade Approval: The Re-Sil material will adhere to the rigorous standards set by regulators.
  • Take Back Scheme: Silclear are exploring the potential of a take-back scheme, reducing waste costs and carbon footprint of our customers.
  • Endless Recycling: Products manufactured with Re-Sil compounds can be recycled repeatedly without compromising quality.
  • Energy Efficiency: The recycling process requires minimal energy, contributing to a more sustainable manufacturing approach.
  • Environmental Targets: By partnering with Silclear and choosing to make their products using our Re-Sil material option, businesses can work towards achieving their environmental targets.

Technical Specifications (Stay Tuned)

  • Batch Traceability: Silclear ensures batch traceability for quality control and accountability.
  • Food & Drink Certification: The Re-Sil compound uses only materials that are FDA, 3A & Bfr approved.
  • Material Properties: Re-Sil compounds offer similar material properties to traditional non-recycled silicone.

Silclear extends an invitation to businesses and consumers alike to stay tuned and be part of the future of and even more sustainable silicone with the Re-Sil silicone rubber compound. Choosing Re-Sil to make your products is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in a greener, more circular future.

For more information on this exciting development, please contact us at +44 (0)1425 610700 or

*Figures according to the global silicone council study “Silicon-Chemistry Carbon Balance”

RE-SIL products made from recycled silicone